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Diaries and Journals

This section of the site will carry information made available to us from old diaries and journals, which could well be some of the most trustworthy and accurate histories of the Shiloh movement.   They are rare finds when they are available.  Our first entry into this section comes from a Miss Edith McIntyre, who arrived at Shiloh to live there in 1900.   Much of her work are notes from the services and classes she attended.   A brief description of her is included from Fair Clear & Terrible.  Though never a "major player" in the grand scheme of things, her notes lend us insight into what could have been considered as important and notable to the students then.   Several of Edith's pages contain quotes she copied down into her journal as she heard them spoken in class.  We have also included a list copied from several pages of her journal where she  listed significant dates.  We thank the Gordon Frasers for lending us the journal for the website.  Enid White, Gordon's step-mother, was given the journal by Ms. McIntyre, and passed it on the Gordon's family when she died. We hope you find these interesting and informative.


Edith McIntyre, from Fair Clear & Terrible by Shirley Nelson,  p. 114

"Edith McIntyre, a girl in her late teens from Medford, Massachusetts, suffered from hallucinations and nightmares, the result of a once “congested brain.” Any excitement caused intense pain and nose bleeds. “Insects” crawled all over her, and “serpents” waited in the corners of rooms to spring at her. Her head ached constantly and she could not see without thick spectacles. ready to take her own life, she went to Shiloh workers in Boston for consultation and prayer, was quickly relieved of every complaint, and in a few weeks found she no longer needed the glasses. She remained well and became a strong Shiloh worker."


Edith McIntyre's Testimony from Tongues of Fire October 1, 1898

A Present Day Miracle

At twelve years of age while lying sick - very low with Bright's disease - God instantly healed me.  The physician declared. "There is not a trace of it remaining."  From that time I took the Lord to heal me from all the ills of life.  One day, however, I told mother that I had tried the Christian life as she had taught me and it had failed to bring the happiness I sought, and that henceforth I should try the pleasures of the world, and she needn't say anything more to me concerning Christianity.  But God watched over my frequently prayed for soul with tender pity.  My health failed me in one way and another till several years ago I was laid low with a congested brain.  To please my father I turned to a human physician.   I was very, very sick and the disease took its course, though in answer to my mother's prayers God spared my life; but my brain was impaired.  To read or concentrate my thoughts, or to see anything exciting would cause intense pain lasting for days, causing bleeding at the nose several times each day.  The education received at school seemed to be partly erased from my memory.  I could not find words to express my thoughts, neither could I spell correctly simple words. and I was half sick all the time.

During the summer of 1897 I lost 26 pounds of flesh, and being under a mental strain the old symptoms returned.

At night I would dream of great serpents, their eyes large and glassy; they seemed so to fascinate me.  I would not notice them drawing near till suddenly they would spring at me.  Then I would leap, scream and awake.  I dared not go to sleep again, and for fear I might do so, would rise and walk the floor or dress and go to work often as soon as two or three o'clock in the morning.

During the daytime I would see them chasing me.   If I sewed, I would see them sitting in the corners of the room waiting to spring upon me.  If I walked the street I would see them at nearly every corner.

April 29, 1898 I seemed to be ready to fall to pieces, violent headache all the time, my brain felt hard.  It seemed to be the size of an egg floating in water and filled with insects trying to crawl over it.  Around this was a thin tight covering like a bladder, which kept me from shaking my head in my effort to loosen it, and often the insects seemed to be crawling all over me.

After Mr. Sandford came to Boston, I returned to my Lord, and April 3, 1898 I received the Holy Ghost.  Then the Lord began to talk to me.  However I struggled in my attempts to live so as to be sure the Holy Ghost would not leave me and thus a dreadful fear came into my life.

But on this morning I was so sick mother said, "I think now the time has come for you to turn to the Lord for your Healer."   After some hesitation I consented and as I walked over to the worker's stopping place, serpents surrounded me.  It seemed as though I must stand still for there was no place to step; then in my desperation I took a long step over them hoping thus to leave them behind, but did this only to see them again.  When I arrived at Brother Gleason's I was completely exhausted.

After a little talk he prayed for me, followed by others, but I could not pray for my healing, not wishing to live.  I despised the world, and prayed to die, but God knew I was not responsible for that prayer.

When Brother Gleason anointed me, however, I was instantly made well.  I KNEW IT - HOW, I KNOW NOT, BUT I KNEW IT. PRAISE GOD!  Then I could pray and thank and praise Him.  Every ill that moment left me, except the drawn sensation.  As I sat at the last Lord's Supper Brother Sandford had before going to Jerusalem and heard him make it emphatic that if Christ was perfect in body, as we partook of His body and His flesh we could claim perfection in our bodies.  I made that claim.  Hallelujah! God met me.  As I took the Supper I heard something snap, and it seemed as though things were being fixed up, and my head was well.  As I looked at the speaker to my surprise I found I could not see him.  I removed my glasses which I had been wearing for a year, and lo, I could see.  I found they had hindered my vision, for though I had not thought of such a thing, God had healed them.   Those glasses had been fitted to defective eyes.  I had fed upon Him who is without blemish and hence they were worse than useless to me.  I could see beautifully.  All praise, and honor, and glory be unto His Holy Name.

Edith McIntyre


List of Important Dates from Edith McIntyre’s Journal

4/3/1898 10:05 Received the Holy Spirit
3/29/1898 Healed of congested brain

3/17/1899 Bethesda dedicated
4/14/1899 Remove the Covering
12/27/1899 Remove the Covering message for school

2/27/1900 Came to School

6/20/1901 Jerusalem party started
10/1/1901 Authoritative baptism
11/24/1901 “Elijah is here”

1/1/1902 Small pox
2/11/1902 Small pox
2/17/1902 End of John’s fast
2/23/1902 Married to Son of God 1-5 p.m.
5/10/1902 Jerusalem party entered city
5/18/1902 John’s baptism in Jordan
6/18/1902 Mr. S’s return from Jerusalem
6/30/1902 Reception in Armory “Well Done”
7/18/1902 Kingdom cent
10/2/1902 Kingdom renewed
11/28/1902 “I have found David”

1/16/1903 Absolute fast for S. P.
1/17/1903 End of Mr. S. 7 day fast
1/24/1903 D. quarantine - Bethesda  [Diptheria?, Ed.]
2/13/1903 Restoration of H. S.  J.6:21 [Holy Spirit?, Ed.]
3/3/1903  12 midnight - sword in hand. cut off from Shiloh
3/19/1903 “Olivet” dedicated
10/2/1903  Second witness
11/30/1903 R.E.G. ruling elder divinely appointed [Ralph Gleason?, Ed.]

3/2/1904 “Blood-bought”
3/7/1904  Book bindery started
3/26/1904 “Begin to possess”
4/24/1904  Bound to the risen Lord
4/24/1904  Church called to the Wilderness
6/20/1904 100 fold clear cut. Mr. H.
10/  /1904  Tin shop started
11/14/1904 Shoe-shop started

1/1/1905   Lamech on a sea of oil into
1/13/1905 Exodus begun
3/13/1905 First Town Meeting
4/09/1905 David Sandford born
4/11/1905  2nd Exodus. Coronet
4/14/0905 Coronet sailed
4/17/1905  Coronet arrived at Portland
4/18/1905  David presented to the Lord at temple
5/20/1905 2:10 p.m. Sabbath restored
5/30/1905 Tuesday eve. service restored

6/3/1905 Kingdom Yacht club formed
6/3/1905 “Coronet” dedicated
6/4/1905 12 noon Coronet’s 1st trip

9/11/1905 Wolf’s Neck [Freeport] David’s return from Jerusalem
9/13/1905 “Wanderer” asked Jesus to baptize me.

10/12/1905 “Coronet” arrived at Freeport
10/16/1905 “Coronet” sailed
10/21/1905 Baptized into the H. G.

11/8/1905 “Coronet” ’s 2nd trip

12/ /1905 Neck tie department started

4/12/1906 “Coronet” arrived 2nd trip

6/9/1906  “Coronet” wrecked
6/11/1906  Mr. S. arrived on Wanderer at 547
6/23/1906 “Coronet” off rocks.
7/12/1906 “Kingdom” bought
8/10/1906 “Kingdom” arrived in Boston
8/11/1906  “Kingdom” sailed for Rockland
8/19/1906  “Coronet” launched, eve.
8/22/1906  “Coronet” sailed, eve.
8/22/1906  “Kingdom” sailed, 1st trip
9/7/1906    Mr. S. sailed from London
9/11/1906   “Coronet” arrived Gibraltar
9/21/1906  “Kingdom” arrived Gibraltar
10/2/1906  “Coronet” arrived Malta

1/9/1907   “Coronet” Jaffa
2/12/1907 “Kingdom” arrived Malta
2/21/1907 “Kingdom” sailed Malta
3/13/1907 “Kingdom” arrived Gibraltar


Quotes of Frank W. Sandford from Edith McIntyre's journal

“One of the greatest mistakes you can make is to misunderstand the enemy”

“To the extent in your life you expect to be less than Jesus so much you are belittling the Holy Ghost.”

“It is only faith in Almighty God that can make you faithful”

“The very minute you deviate one bit from that flag “Victory” you begin your downward career.”

“Gold is a picture of perfected humanity”

“If you do faithful work on every passage of scripture you will be a rock that cannot be moved. When you have suffered enough to become a pearl, you will have the exquisite privilege of leading the Redeemed of Israel through the gates into the City. A David heart that fulfills all the Bible is the one to whom God will fulfill all the promises. Your only hope of being true to the end is your confidence in the blood of Christ.”

“I represent the blood of Jesus Christ that was what He paid for me.”

“Exact righteousness shall reign. Reign over yourself first, then over others. Your kingdom is as great as you have power to rule over men in righteousness.”

“If your lamp is empty, fill it.”

“The Sabbath is a day of rest for the heart.”

“I give you solemn warning, every minute wash your hands and be ready for Christ coming. There will not be time for washing. Faith, and it is done.”

“The Kingdom will never be established by putting up buildings, having yachts, etc. and praying great prayers of faith, but through suffering and dying.”       Dec. 21, 1903

“You will never prosper until you learn to give royally.”

“Utter separation is the only way to keep the water pure.”

Responsibility of Deception

“It is a horrible thing to make a mistake. Ignorance will not undo the consequences. If you are deceived by the devil, you are just as bad as the devil at that point. Deception wrecked this world. It does not settle the account for Eve to say I was honest in it. It is no joke to get fooled by the devil. You must walk closely enough to God to know you have His will before you dare to act.”

It is not what you do, it is what you are.”

Your baptism, it will mean to you all you can take. I tell you that I know it is not what you are or what you appear to be to yourself. It is just simply the degree to which you can honor Jesus Christ to be what He is. You can be just all you will believe for I know this is true. The baptism was really walking down with Jesus into the grave. He took us down with Him and it was not ourselves that came up, if we only believe it. Just to the extent you can believe that, utterly ignoring your own self and taking on Christ and what He is - all glorious before the Father - just as much as you can enter into, that is what you actually become. You will not have to be thinking what you are. You will actually enter into possession yourself of what another person is, and become what that person is yourself. You can have all you will by taking on Christ through your baptism.”

“The people who do not stop breaking the Bible whenever it suits their convenience will never hold authority under the Son of God. You are tearing the crown from your head every time you break the Bible.”

“Every time you believe their is a stitch taken in your wedding garment. If you don’t believe the stitch is dropped. You will not be ready. Be ready.”

“It is impossible to displease God when you have faith.”

“That subtle flesh life is the very thing that will lead you to hell if the devil cannot succeed.”

“As long as there is anything in you that will let an enemy escape there is something in you that will be a slave some day.”

“If you are pious enough you will be hated far enough to satisfy your cravings for notoriety.”