Frank W. Sandford

from  Tongues of Fire, April 1, 1898 p54,55  from an article entitled "The Church"

... Now, what was the demand made by our Lord?  "Repent and do the first works."  What were they?   Turn to the early history of the Ephesian church in Acts 19:1-20.

1 They were baptized in water, v. 5.

2 They were asked, "Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?" and then definitely received Him, v. 2,6.

3 "They spake with tongues," v.6.

4 They prophesied, v.6.

5 They separated themselves from every professor railing at the deep things of God, v.9.

6They carried the gospel to "all they which dwelt in Asia, v.10"

7 They had the sick healed and demons cast out, v.12.

8 And last "so mightily grew the word of God" through standing for apostolic power and principles that it "prevailed" even against the devil's work, corresponding to Spiritualism, [anti]Christian Science, etc., v.19.

Many years (about forty) had passed since this church had first experienced such mighty works and probably the casting out of demons, the war against the devil's religion (curious arts) and the withdrawal of all fellowship from every professor railing at these things, had become unpopular when the Lord with flashing eyes thundered the warning, "DO THE FIRST WORKS!"  I claim that the Son of God has never changed the meaning of the word "ecclesia."   What would have ceased to be a church had it not turned back to apostolic works in Asia, will today cease to be a church if it does not heed this warning in America.   God is no respector of persons, and is once more sounding out, "Repent,(change your mind) and DO the first works."

Do you know of a so called church that ignores the doctrine of the definite reception of the Holy Ghost following conversion?  that does not earnestly covet to prophesy?  or practice the calling of elders to anoint the sick for healing? or does not say with Paul, "I would that ye all spake with tongues?"   Do you know one that "forbids water that these should not be baptized?"   or opposes uncompromising opposition to every form of religion originating from the devil? or sneers at the casting out of demons? or fights the strict separation of genuine believers from all that "speak evil of that way?"  Do you?  Then that so called church is by the word of Jesus Christ in Rev. 2:1-5 no longer such and in the name of my Lord, I cry, -


from  Tongues of Fire, July 15, 1898 p107  from an article entitled "Notes from my Journal While En Route for The City of The Great King" by Willard Gleason :

May 31. This has been a day of waiting on God to get further orders.  Had the joy tonight of hearing Brother Black and Sister Black and Sister Glassey sing a part of the ninth Psalm in an African tongue.  Sister Glassey has at different times spoken while in the Spirit, in Greek, French, Latin, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and several African dialects, words and sentences given her by the Holy Ghost.  She has also written many letters of the Greek and Hebrew alphabet.  Words in as many as six of these languages have been recignized as such by one who has studied classics, thus proving the genuineness of God's gifts to our sister.  He who said, "They shall speak with new tongues" is proving his words true, thus enabling one like Sister Glassey to preach the "everlasting gospel" to any soul on this globe, with the necessary language at her disposal.


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