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      Who Wants to be a Kingdom Millionaire?

I realize this is somewhat primitive, but if you jot down the letter of the answer for all questions BEFORE you hit the Answers button to the left, you'll be less tempted to cheat.

Good Luck

Round One

For $100 Q: Who was the founder of the Kingdom?

A: Frank Weston Sandford  B: Charles Parham  C: Dwight D. Moody   D: Billy Graham


For $200 Q: Who did he marry?

A: Helen Keller  B: Helen Kinney C: Helen Holland  D: Helen of Troy


For $400 Q: Who was Moses?

A: Charles the Great B: Charles Reeder C: Charles Holland  D: Charles in Charge


For $500 Q: Where was the meeting hall known as "The Temple" first constructed?

A: Litchfield, Maine  B: New Salem, Maine  C: Durham, Maine D: Auburn


For $1000 Q: Who was Frank and Helen’s first child?

A: John the Baptist   B: Leonard Sandford C: John Sandford   D: All of the above


For $2000 Q: What was the name of the infirmary built at Shiloh for the care of the sick?

A: Bethesda B: Britania C: Bethany D: Bethinia


For $5000 Q: Who’s text on the history of the Kingdom first went to print?.

A: William Hiss  B: Shirley Nelson  C: Arnold White  D: Frank Murray


For $10,000 Q: Who was the Yale military professor who wrote a thesis on Joshua’s longest day and was largely responsible for Frank Sandford’s intrique with the doctrine of Anglo-Israel?

A: General Ulysses Grant B: Professor Erwin Cory  C: Dr. Richard Solomon  D: Professor Charles Totten


For $20,000 Q: Who was responsible for building and first owning the yacht Coronet?

A: Louis Bossert   B: George T. Bush   C: Rufus T. Bush  D : Curtiss James


For $50,000 Q: Frank Sandford endorsed Professor Totten’s prediction that Christ would return on or before what jubilee?

A: Seventh   B: Seventieth  C: Seventeenth  D: Seventy-seventh


For $100,000 Q: In October of 1901, Frank Sandford announced the "Restored Baptism" doctrine still taught and practiced today. How many years prior to this did Rev. Weiss indicate in his "Sandfordism Exposed" treatise that Shiloh endorsed and practiced a closed communion?

A: 6   B: 5   C: 4   D: 2


For $500,000 Q: According to Frank Sandford, what was Jesus Christ’s birthday present December 25, 1940?

A: The dedication of Mr. Sandford’s new home at the hills  B: The Sacred Edifice  C: The first group of Kingdom men leaving for WWII*  D: The "Diamonds"*


For $1,000,000 Q: How many deaths occured on board Coronet during the tragic 1910 return voyage from Africa to the North Atlantic?

A: 4  B: 5*  C: 6  D: 2*