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An Argument Upholding the Theory of Anglo-Israelism

I  This website we came across in our research, and reproduced herein, endorses the argument of The Lost 10 Tribes settling throughout Europe.  

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"Rediscovering the Lost Ten Tribes
from a Jewish perspective"

What is Brit-Am?

Brit-Am is a Jewish organization founded by Yair Davidy and located in Israel. The purpose of Brit-Am is to research and publish information regarding the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel from a Jewish perspective. It is an attempt by the House of Judah to rediscover and recognize the House of Joseph. It is only with such recognition, that one day the two Houses of Israel may be reunited.

Who are the Lost Ten Tribes?

    The "Lost Ten Tribes" were the Tribes of the Northern Kingdomof Israel, often called the "House of Joseph." After the Kingdom of Israel was divided into the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah, the two Houses, the House of Judah to the south, and the House of Joseph to the North were divided. Soon the House of Joseph was carried away into captivity and came to be known as "the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel." The House of Judah remained and came to be known as "Jews."

    Yair Davidy's thouroughly documented research has shown that the Lost Ten Tribes, which had been transplanted to the outskirts of Assyria came to be known as the Sakeans (they were previously known as Yitzakheans or in Aramaic Isakeans). These Sakeans are known to have migrated accross the bosphorus and made their way into Europe to become the Scythians (S'kitheans) and Saxons (Saksons). Davidy's research has shown that other tribal groups of the Lost Ten Tribes also emerged in Europe under names similar to those of the Tribe of Israel, such as: Galics (Galileans); Danes (Dans); Cimereans (Simeons); Goths/Gots (Gads "Gad" is pronounced in Hebrew as "God"). After carefully tracing the migrations of the Tribes Davidy has concluded that each of the Tribes generally came to be associated with a differant national group in the following manner:

Ephraim Britain
Manasseh USA
Reuben France
Simeon Celts and Jews
Levi With the Jews
Yehuda Jutes and Jews
Issachar Swiss and Fins
Zebulon Holland


Asher Scots
Benjamin Belgae and Normans
Dan Danes and Celts
Naphtali Norwegians

Yair Davidy's research is presented and thouroughly documented in his three books:

The Tribes, Ephraim and Lost Israelite Identity

These books are all available from Brit-Am. For info on how to order these books or any of the other Book and Tapes from Brit-Am visit the BOOKS AND TAPES page.

Excerts from Yair Davidy's book THE TRIBES:


Excerts from Yair Davidy's book EPHRAIM

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