The Road to Recovery

This section will be dedicated for any and all who wish to tell their story of recovery.  Our first contribution comes from Ms. Syvia Springer, who, finding this website, wished to contribute these words to the effort.  We hope others will find inspiration and solace as they read of her former pain with the knowledge that Light and Life exist at the end of what may seem like a very dark tunnel.


My next step of my recovery process was to take place at my church. About a year ago we had a couple come and do a seminar on deliverance. Yes, I know that conjures up all kinds of weird perspectives, but if you walked in my shoes you'd know the realities of demons in a person's life.  I'd lived with them for most of my life - all came uninvited. As I listened to this couple explain the "what, where's and how's" of the strongholds that Christians can have, and be set free from, my entire being knew . . . I knew I needed to be set free. So I did the "homework" and went through the deliverance session with very positive results. I knew that God had done some awesome work that day. That was on a Saturday.

The following day, Sunday,  I had symptoms of what appeared to be herpes, and by Monday I had a full blown case. Never before had I had any signs of it. I saw my doctor, and she said "sure looks like it to me!".  As I left her office I felt the old filth of my past abuse and sexual promiscuity overpower my being.  I doubted my deliverance and any relationship with the Lord seemed a distant unreality.  I called the couple who'd done the seminar and told them I needed to see them again, and then explained what had happened to me physically. I was assured that Christ was still there for me and the devil was just trying to confuse and deceive me. I made an appointment to see them again at the church the next day. I will now quote from Claire and Paul's book,"Demon Slayers." . . . page 108-110, where they relate what took place in church that following day.  (Paul and Claire do not use real names, and I am portrayed as 'Darlene')

"... then Darlene began crawling! With her eyes still shut, she felt her way over to the wall, then followed the wall down to the corner, where she slumped into a fetal position. Frankly, we were unsure what to do at that point, as she would not respond to us no matter what we did or said.  I felt impressed to pour anointing oil on the palm of my hand and press my palm to her mouth. When I did so, her eyes opened wide, her mouth flew open, and we were able to deal with the demon that had caused her to do all that." There was much more that was dealt with that day, which has been chronicled in their book, but the most important part is that I was set free, free to become all that God created me to be.

The next day all symptoms and signs of the herpes were gone forever from the touch of the "Master's hand".  He has each of us on this earth for a very special reason; to tell others of his love and his power which can set us all free. No matter what we have experienced in our lives, he has abundant life for us, including  joy, peace and freedom. Today I live my life one day at a time and pray this prayer on an almost daily basis:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace.

Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is,
And not as I would have it.
Trusting that he will make all things right if I surrender to his will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with him forever in the next.

Thank you for letting me share the story of my walk of recovery.  It is an ongoing process, one that we will all finish when we cross over into his presence forever. There is just one more thing I want to share with you.  It's a poem from one of Hannah Hurnard's books which goes like this:

The cry of all distorted things: "Why hast thou made us thus?
To bear the anguish which life brings; why didst thou not love us?"
So marred that God himself must weep - fit only for the rubbish heap.

The cry of every breaking heart; "Why were we born for this?"
Evil alone is made our part and nothing of earth's bliss.
Why didst thou give us human birth if we may know no love on earth?"
The cry of each despairing mind ascends before love's throne:
"Behold us, God! Or art thou blind? Can we be blamed alone?

If thou be there, then answer us, Why make us?
Or why make us thus? And love's voice answers from a cross:
"I bear it all with you, I share with you in all your loss,
"I will make all things new. None suffer in their sin alone,
"I made--I bear---I and I alone."
"I now understand "the cross"

Your sister in Christ,
Sylvia Springer

(for any interested you can find the book and seminars etc. on Paul and Clair's website www.warfareplus.com)