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We've re-organized the website a little with regard to the fine art of communication.  Over the past few months, it seems that the central theme of most of the threads has had to do with recovery and healing.  So to keep the site consistent, we've moved the guestbook discussion threads to their own page inside the "Healing" section of the site, and are now calling it Dialogue. The Dialogue Archives are also available to review thread entries whose shelf life is greater than 60 days.   Just as before, you may carry on written conversations with fellow website visitors, but now on the Dialogue page.  Feedback remains the same, and will conjure up your email-er to send mail to the editors.  The Guestbook has also been revised to be primarily used by the casual visitor, to say hello, leave a message, a greeting or impression.   One may feel free to leave their email address there if they so desire so that another may correspond. There will be no facility in the Guestbook to respond directly. Any responses to Guestbook entries will be achieved solely through emailing the guest.   The Guestbook and Feedback buttons will still be available on the face of the Home page, and Dialogue will be placed in the Sections list to the left.  For the next few months this page will be left here entitled "Talk About It".  Later this explanation will disappear and all you will find will be the actual threads and access to them via Dialogue and Dialogue Archives


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